Wooden Foam Panels


Designed to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in any space, making them perfect for use in offices, recording studios, and other areas where a peaceful environment is essential.


NOTE: This product is sold in a set of 3

Timber Acoustics Wooden Foam Panels offer a unique design combining a 12mm thick ply with a layer of high-density foam, creating an effective sound barrier that looks great in any room. These panels eliminate unwanted echoes and reverberation in the room. The acoustic foam panels offer superior acoustic performance and are perfect for offices, conference rooms, or anywhere else that requires optimal acoustics, a peaceful and a comfortable environment.

With their sleek and elegant appearance, these wooden foam panels add a touch of sophistication to your space while also serving an acoustic purpose. Each panel is carefully crafted using authentic wood finishes that complement any interior or exterior decor. These are one of the best acoustic foam panels which are available in a range of different colors and textures to suit your personal style and preferences.
What sets these acoustic foam panels apart is their ability to enhance the overall quality of sound within a room. Whether you are recording music or have an office, the wooden foam panels provide a clear and crisp sound quality that enhances communication and creates a professional atmosphere.

These acoustic foam panels are an investment for the comfort and tranquility of your surroundings, providing a peaceful and stress-free environment for you or your office coworkers.

Timber Acoustics’ specialists can also assist you at any time with questions regarding selection or implementation of our products – just contact us!

Don’t wait another minute – get your own wooden foam panels today!

Superior soundproofing solution.
Premium hand-stitched Jute finish.
Durable and portable, will last you years.
Both water and fire resistant.
Sizes : 1 x 3 ft
Thickness : 1.5 inches
Colour : Black, grey, mustard, cherry red, blue and beige
Application : Home, music studio, recording studio, office or home theatre
Texture : Smooth acoustically transparent jute based fabric
Mounting hardware : Premium hanger brackets
Acoustic Foam
Powerful Acoustics


High Noise Reduction Coefficient, NRC = 0.90

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

A minimal amount of dusting is all that's required.


Fortress-Grade Resistance

Long-lasting durability thanks to their fierce resistance against environmental factors.



Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we can tailor our products to perfectly fit your space.



Top-quality product to achieve superior acoustic performance



Revolutionize Your Space with Our Innovative Acoustic Solutions

By creating a more controlled and balanced sound environment, acoustic panels also enhance the emotional impact of music. For example, in a home theatre or listening room, acoustic panels can help to create a more immersive experience, allowing music to fill the room without any unwanted interference or distortion.
A perfect solution for creating a quiet environment

Timber Acoustics panels and diffusers are a versatile and effective solution for creating a quiet environment in any space. By controlling the way sound waves behave within a room, acoustic panels as well as diffusers can help with noise reduction, sound proofing, increase privacy, improve speech intelligibility and create a more comfortable and functional space for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

Experience crystal clear sound every single time
Whether it’s a recording studio, a home theatre, or a conference room. Echoes and reverberations can create unwanted noise pollution, making it difficult to record your mix, hear and understand speech, music, or other audio content clearly. Acoustic panels help to control the way sound waves behave by absorbing or diffusing unwanted echoes and reverberation. This helps to create a more accurate and balanced sound environment.

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