Designed to revolutionize your music production experience with acoustic treatment starting right at your desk.


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Introducing our latest innovation: Acoustic StudioPad – designed to revolutionize your music production experience with acoustic treatment starting right at your desk. This meticulously crafted StudioPad provides an exceptional environment for creating, mixing, and mastering your music.

Crafted to perfection, the Acoustic StudioPad boasts intelligent engineering that prioritizes sound quality and accuracy above all else. It is made up of New Zealand pinewood/Walnut and specialized materials which work harmoniously to minimize unwanted reflections and resonances, resulting in a transparent sound reproduction that captures every intricate detail of your audio.

Comfort is essential during those marathon studio sessions, and the Acoustic StudioPad delivers on all fronts.It prioritizes ergonomic excellence, ensuring you can maintain focus and creativity without compromising your physical well-being. The spacious desk provides ample space for your equipment, while the optimized height allows you to find the perfect working position for a fatigue-free experience.

It also excels in keeping your workspace organized and free from distractions. It features discreet cable channels and outlets, ensuring your cables stay tangle-free and out of sight. Focus on your music, not on untangling a mess of wires.

It provides a stable and sturdy foundation for your valuable equipment, allowing you to focus on what matters most—creating exceptional music.

This product showcases a sleek and contemporary design that effortlessly complements any studio environment. Its sophisticated aesthetic enhances the visual appeal of your workspace while reflecting your commitment to quality and professionalism. Make a statement with a workstation that not only elevates your music but also complements your artistic vision.

Superior Acoustic Isolation: Minimizes unwanted resonances and external noise for precise sound reproduction. Integrated Acoustic Treatment: Optimizes sound diffusion and absorption for accurate monitoring and mixing. Thoughtful Cable Management: Built-in solutions for organized and clutter-free cable routing. Sturdy and Stable Construction: Robust materials provide durability and stability for long-lasting performance. Resonance-Free Structure: Minimizes vibrations and unwanted resonances for optimal performance of equipment. Anti-Reflection Surfaces: Treated surfaces minimize sound wave reflections and diffractions, resulting in enhanced clarity and accuracy of audio playback.
Size : 5 x 3 ft
Colour : Natural wood, walnut
Application : Music studio, recording studio
Texture : Wooden
New Zealand Pinewood Walnut


High Noise Reduction Coefficient, NRC = 0.90

Low Maintenance

A minimal amount of dusting is all that's required.

Fortress-Grade Resistance

Long-lasting durability thanks to their fierce resistance against environmental factors.


Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we can tailor our products to perfectly fit your space.


Top-quality product to achieve superior acoustic performance


Revolutionize Your Space with Our Innovative Acoustic Solutions

By creating a more controlled and balanced sound environment, acoustic panels also enhance the emotional impact of music. For example, in a home theatre or listening room, acoustic panels can help to create a more immersive experience, allowing music to fill the room without any unwanted interference or distortion.

A perfect solution for creating a quiet environment

Timber Acoustics panels and diffusers are a versatile and effective solution for creating a quiet environment in any space. By controlling the way sound waves behave within a room, acoustic panels as well as diffusers can help with noise reduction, sound proofing, increase privacy, improve speech intelligibility and create a more comfortable and functional space for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

Experience crystal clear sound every single time
Whether it’s a recording studio, a home theatre, or a conference room. Echoes and reverberations can create unwanted noise pollution, making it difficult to record your mix, hear and understand speech, music, or other audio content clearly. Acoustic panels help to control the way sound waves behave by absorbing or diffusing unwanted echoes and reverberation. This helps to create a more accurate and balanced sound environment.

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