Professionally graded sound absorption panels made using the finest New Zealand Pinewood frame and high density Roxul Rockwool.


NOTE: This is only sold in sets of 3.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us.
Timber Acoustics Absorption Panels are sound absorbing panels for home, music studios, recording studios, offices, theatres that are used to suppress flutter echoes, control noise, comb filter, and remove slap echo. They offer professional, aesthetically-pleasing acoustic treatment in any facility and are available in black, grey, cherry red, blue or beige acoustically transparent jute based fabric. Our acoustic panels are made of sturdy and durable New Zealand Pinewood, it is then filled with dense Roxul Rockwool for optimum sound absorption. The top of the class Roxul Rockwool insulation material & New Zealand Pinewood frame makes sure no slagging & slumping is there within the frame. Roxul rockwool provides excellent rigidity and excellent acoustical dampening properties with water and moisture resistance, approved in Dolby Atmos & THX certified studios, listening rooms and theatres. Acoustic treatment is required in any space, whether it is a listening, recording, mastering studios, or acoustic panels for home theatre, schools, cafes etc. The primary aim of these Acoustic Panels is to reduce, but not absolutely eliminate, room resonance. These sound absorbing panels for home, theatres, studios works best on mid-high frequencies. Premium hanger brackets are included with the panels for quick installation. Timber Acoustics specialists are always available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the selection or implementation of any of our products. Contact us now. Timber Acoustics Absorption Panels are ideal when used in addition to other Timber Acoustics items. We suggest using Timber acoustics bass traps in each corner for other low-frequency points of your room. For a full room solution, be sure to view the Timber Acoustics Room Kits. These acoustic panels are handcrafted in India from quality materials purchased locally.
Reduce Flutter Echo and Sound Bouncing off the walls.
Controls reverberation without making room sound dead.
Works best on Mid-High frequencies.
Premium hand-stitched Jute finish.
Perfect acoustic solution for recording studios and small home-theaters.
3 inch thickness with 1 inch air gap, helps isolate the room well.
Durable and portable, will last you years.
Both water and fire resistant.
Sizes : 2×4 ft
Thickness : 3 inches
Colour : Black, grey, mustard, cherry red, blue and beige
Application : Home, music studio, recording studio, office or home theatre
Core material : High density Roxul insulation and New Zealand pine wood frame
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating : 0.90
Texture : Smooth acoustically transparent jute based fabric
Mounting hardware : Premium hanger brackets
New Zealand Pinewood.
Safe ‘n’ Silent Roxul Rockwool insulation.


High Noise Reduction Coefficient, NRC = 0.90

Low Maintenance

A minimal amount of dusting is all that's required.

Fortress-Grade Resistance

Long-lasting durability thanks to their fierce resistance against environmental factors.


Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we can tailor our products to perfectly fit your space.


Top-quality product to achieve superior acoustic performance


Revolutionize Your Space with Our Innovative Acoustic Solutions

By creating a more controlled and balanced sound environment, acoustic panels also enhance the emotional impact of music. For example, in a home theatre or listening room, acoustic panels can help to create a more immersive experience, allowing music to fill the room without any unwanted interference or distortion.

A perfect solution for creating a quiet environment

Timber Acoustics panels and diffusers are a versatile and effective solution for creating a quiet environment in any space. By controlling the way sound waves behave within a room, acoustic panels as well as diffusers can help with noise reduction, sound proofing, increase privacy, improve speech intelligibility and create a more comfortable and functional space for work, relaxation, or entertainment.

Experience crystal clear sound every single time
Whether it’s a recording studio, a home theatre, or a conference room. Echoes and reverberations can create unwanted noise pollution, making it difficult to record your mix, hear and understand speech, music, or other audio content clearly. Acoustic panels help to control the way sound waves behave by absorbing or diffusing unwanted echoes and reverberation. This helps to create a more accurate and balanced sound environment.


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  1. Good sound absorption

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  2. My room size is approx 120 sq ft ceiling at 15ft and just a bed aand table one side with a sliding window.
    3rd floor facing a semi busy street..
    This is a clear indicator how live my room is for voice overs . I did search and debate over many solutions
    The solution i was looking for was not an elaborate one , but cost effective and workable
    Since voice overs are in the mid and hi frequency range the walls and room size were adding quite a bit reverb to my recordings.
    I used to struggle cleaning the sound with softwares
    As all buyers I was paranoid and skeptical to spend money on random solutions available online. I needed a solution mainly to treat my early reflections I did try home remedies namely mattresses, thick blankets and curtains. I know there are 2 aspects to this, one is controlling the noise from out side and the second is the room tone
    I did seal the sliding window with a sealant and it helped like 15 % only ( did not spend much on that obviously)
    I checked the acoustic 3 panels offered on the site and it seemed effective enough, but to be sure I contacted the timber acoustic team
    And we had a week long discussion.
    This clearly shows how supportive they were and patient too.
    They came up with a 3 panel vocal booth which can be closed and kept
    Each panel is 4 feet by 2 feet with a 3 inch thickness. Mounted on a 18mm ply .( I found the thickness to be an issue to cart the booth easily ).
    The difference was outstanding.
    Earlier I had to use a lot of eq and noise reduction to kinda give a decent output, but this sacrificed a lot of my vocal frequencies and I ended up sounding tinny and flanged in some cases .
    These panels turned out to be the perfect solution to house my mic and ward of the open roomy reflective tone that I used to get.
    Unbelievable.this vocal booth design saved me time and money and a lot of headache.
    However I do wish this was portable
    And some way be able to place my I pad or phone on that so that my hand s are free.
    Thank you Timber acoustics .
    Great job. Really effective for my requirement.

    P.s. depending on mic and window sealing .This makes a good isolation
    Needs a place to keep an iPad instead of holding in the hand

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  3. Great products !!! Value for money.

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  4. The best acoustic panels on the market
    Reviewed in India on 6 December 2020
    Colour: Jute
    These are really well made acoustic panels , and value for money as well .
    An excellent option while building a home studio

    (0) (0)
  5. Lovely experience using it..😍
    Reviewed in India on 2 August 2020
    Colour: Grey
    Loved this product….It’s very easy to use and it’s performance is just wow…..You can buy it without any worry….It’s amazing..\

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