Why should you choose Roxul Rockwool Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic Panels

Roxul Rockwool insulation is a type of insulation material that is extensively used to insulate homes and commercial places. When professionally installed, it may significantly enhance energy efficiency, home comfort, and because it is formed of stone fibres, it naturally manages moisture.

When installed in outside or inside walls, it provides superior thermal insulation, acoustic treatment, and soundproofing for the home. This makes it an excellent choice for interior or dividing walls that require strong sound absorption.

So, what are some more reasons that many professionals refuse to use anything other than Rockwool Absorption Panels?

  1. Fire-Resistant.

ROCKWOOL is made of stone and can withstand temperatures of up to 2150° F. In a situation where every second matters, this helps to slow the spread of fire.

      2. Water-Resistant.

Because ROCKWOOL insulation repels water, it has no effect on the R-value. It’s also entirely resistant to rot, mildew, mould, and bacterial growth, making it safer to use indoors.

     3. Made Of Stone.

Natural stone and repurposed materials are used to make ROCKWOOL insulation. It has higher dimensional stability due to its non-directional fibre structure and high density.

When you purchase Roxul Rockwool Acoustic Panels, you are essentially getting a stronger & better product than fibreglass. 

     4. Enhances Peace and Quiet.

Nothing rivals the peace and quiet of a peaceful home, and ROXUL ROCKWOOL SAFE ‘N’ SILENT® Sound Panels delivers just that.

Unlike normal insulation, ROCKWOOL is a high-density, revolutionary insulation that is specifically designed to:

  • Enhance energy performance
  • Absorbs sound and reduce noise from travelling.
  • Controls vibration 
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Superior mould resistance and moisture control
  • Improved home comfort
  • Long lasting and high durability

What makes Timber Acoustics Absorption Panels a perfect choice?

All of our acoustic panels are made of sturdy and durable New Zealand Pinewood Frame, which is then filled with dense Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro Roxul Rockwool for optimum absorption. 

Timber Acoustics sound absorbing panels help absorb sound waves – improving the internal sound field quality by absorbing echo and reverberation within the room, contributing to good room acoustics.

The top of the class Roxul Rockwool insulation & New Zealand Pinewood frame makes sure no sagging & slumping is there within the frame. Roxul rockwool provides excellent rigidity and excellent acoustical dampening properties with water and moisture resistance, approved in Dolby Atmos & THX certified studios, listening rooms and theatres. 

Roxul rockwool

Where can Timber Acoustics Absorption Panels / Roxul slabs be installed?

It can be used in a variety of locations, including attics, basements, internal walls, and external walls. Thanks to its acoustic capabilities, acoustic treatment is required in any space, whether it is a listening, recording, mastering studios, or home-theatre, schools, cafes etc. It improves the acoustic performance of the system in which they are installed, whether in new or existing structures.

Still Got Questions? 

Please contact us or email us at info@timberacoustics.in if you have any additional questions about our acoustic materials and how it can be utilized most efficiently in your home, or if you would like to get a quote.

Rockwool acoustic panels

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