Home Theatre Acoustic Solution

Home theatre acoustic panels

In an ideal world, everyone would want a full-sized theatre with a sound system like no other. But not everyone has that kind of limitless fund to create a commercial cinema. The good news is that modern audio systems have higher sound quality than ever before, and the newest TVs are bigger and more reasonably priced than those from a few years ago. This makes it more affordable than ever to build a fantastic home theatre. However, regardless of how great the sound system is, if you don’t manage the acoustic space like commercial cinemas by reducing first order reflections, and excessive reverberation, your listening audience won’t have a good experience at your home theatre.

Depending on your budget and available space, the answer might be basic, advanced or extravagant. 

The best place to start with in a home theatre are the first order reflections. This can be treated using 3″ thick absorption panels or 5” thick broadband acoustic panels strategically on the side walls. Furthermore, adding more panels behind the speakers will lessen strong secondary waves while taming flutter echo. You can add more bass traps or tri traps in the corners for additional control.

Timber acoustics panels for the sound treatment of any space

Low-frequency attenuation via bass traps lessens the auditory impact of room modes.

Diffusion can be added behind the listening area/rear wall to create the finest listening environment and give the room a sense of spaciousness.

Timber Acoustics Skyline Diffusers are a great way to get rid of comb filtering and flutter echo, as well as address musical detail distortion and vocal clarity. It helps in diffusing frequency from 860 Hz to 3440 Hz. Whereas Timber Acoustics Quadratic Diffusers help in diffusing frequency from 484 Hz – 2260 Hz. Acoustic Diffusers enhances the acoustics of your space without making it sound dry or boxy. The ultimate objective for anyone is to create a listening environment that is neutral but not dry in order to maintain the energy in the room. 


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