Basics of Setting Up a Studio

absorption panels for the sound treatment of the studio

The problem arises when newbies start setting up a music studio and think that a good microphone and an expensive speaker is going to give them great sound. The truth is, sound waves travel across the room and makes contact with different surfaces like ceiling, walls, floor which affects the acoustics of your room.

We’ll walk you through the steps of designing an acoustically treated studio.

  • Positioning

In most rooms, the shorter wall should be facing you, with the longer walls on each side. This setup allows you to position your speakers and listening position more freely in the room while avoiding annoying rear wall reflections. When listening position is placed to about 35 percent to 40 percent of the way in the room from the front wall, the largest dips and peaks from room modes can be avoided.

Positioning of absorption panels
  • Bass issues

There are several forms of low frequency issues in a room. Dips lead to lack of low end and peaks lead to boomy and muddy sound, or sometimes mixture of the two. The room modes, which create standing waves, are the most significant contribution to bass unevenness in most spaces.

For bass issues we recommend :

Timber Acoustics Bass Traps – The bass or low frequency spectrum builds up strongly in the corners of your space. A bass trap in the corner eliminates echoes thus eliminating the ninety-degree angle between the two walls.

Timber Acoustics Broadband Absorbers – These acoustic panels provide a significant amount of low-frequency control and broadband absorption. They are perfect for rooms that do not have corners available for treatment.

  • Thickness

The thickness of an acoustic panel makes a big difference in absorbing the sound. At Timber Acoustics we offer acoustic panels in 2″ , 3″ , 4″ , 5″ thickness and can be customised according to the requirement. The thicker the panels, the more helpful it is. Less thickness, generally absorbs high frequencies whereas anything above 3″ will work great for low frequencies too. Hence, when choosing acoustic materials for noise reduction or sound quality, it’s crucial to keep the end-use of the interior space in mind.

Timber Acoustics Broadband Absorbers are 5″ thick.

 Broadband Absorber
  • Early reflections

The early reflection points are always the first areas we propose fixing in a room. Your sidewalls, floor, and ceiling are the initial positions from where reflections can bounce back to the listening position. These reflections are loud and fast, causing a great deal of interference at all frequencies from low to high, as well as irregular spikes in response and blurring dynamics. Fortunately, with a few acoustic panels strategically placed, reflection locations can be easily addressed.

For these primary reflections we recommend Timber Acoustics Absorption Panels being an appropriate acoustic solution.

Early reflection and late reflections
  Early reflection and late reflections
  • Late reflections

The easiest problems to recognize in any area are reverberation and flutter echo. To achieve general dampening, reverberation can simply be managed by placing appropriate acoustic wall panels more or less uniformly around the room. However, instead of removing the sound energy, reverberation can be managed with using diffusion, which helps turn the extra decay into a more regulated atmosphere. Flutter echo occurs when sound bounces back and forth between two flat, parallel walls. The upper half of most rooms are most likely to have it.

Hence, diffusers could be a great solution when control is what you need instead of dampening. To check out Timber Acoustics QRD Diffusers click here and for Skyline Diffuser click here.

Now that you know all about it, get acoustic treatment done for your space!

Still confused? Contact us now for any more queries or for a customized solution for your studio, home cinema, music studio, listening room etc.

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