Why are Timber Acoustics Panels better than Acoustic Foam?

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1- While both of these products goal is to improve the sound quality of the room by removing residual sound, acoustic foam is really truly effective at absorbing sounds at high frequencies, that being said, if you have trouble with mid-frequencies or bass, then your foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation, while Timber Acoustics panels does not only work effective at high frequencies but at mid-frequencies and bass too. They are constructed with a much denser core material which effectively works with broadband absorption i.e it will absorb all frequencies and make a noticeable difference right away.

This is why you would see most professionals opt for Acoustic Panels for their recording studios over acoustic foams. Timber’s Acoustic Panels help in controlling sound wave reflections over all frequencies, creating a balanced sounding room that is ideal for recording and mixing audio. This concept goes for any space requiring less reverberation or unwanted noise.

2- Is soundproof foam or acoustic foam, really soundproof? Let’s break it down.
Well, acoustic foam or soundproof foam is not really soundproof. It’s a myth. Although it does reduce echo and higher frequencies, it will not be able to eliminate the noise or contain it completely. It does help to reduce higher frequencies but does not completely eliminate the transfer of sound from one room to another.

3- A common question arises to everyone who realizes that they have an issue with sound in their space. Regardless of where you’re facing noise issues, it’s extremely important to note that Timber Acoustic Wall Panels will definitely help to eliminate all the sound issues, be it at high frequencies, mid-frequencies or bass. These panels absorbs a much wider spectrum of frequencies, ultimately resulting in much more controlled sound in your space.

4- Conclusion Point
Timber Acoustic Panels offers a wider range of solutions than studio foam. Yes, you may feel they’re on the pricier side, but we believe and guarantee that it is well worth investment – especially if you consider yourself to be serious about improving the quality of sound in your space. We, at Timber Acoustics, offer a ton of different sizes and color options. In fact, you have an option to consult us and customize according to your needs which will allow you to coordinate your acoustic treatment setup with the aesthetic of your interior design.
Escape the noise and believe on Timber Acoustics to enhance the sound quality of your space. Do checkout our Acoustic Panels and other products in our website collection.

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