Timber Acoustic Panels Vs Acoustic Foams


Have you ever been in a position where you had to eliminate sound reflections, the fluttering echoes and the disturbance caused due to the noise around your space. If you have, then you definitely have caught yourself indecisive with acoustic panels or acoustic foam panels. It is indeed a very hard pick for anyone who is uninformed which is why, we feel, this article is exactly for you to arrive at a smoother and precise decision.

Although both the products have their pros and cons, Timber acoustic panels are more preferable than any other acoustic foams.

How? Let’s break it down to you:

While both of these products goal is to improve the sound quality of the room by removing residual sound, acoustic foam is really truly effective at absorbing sounds at high frequencies, that being said, if you have trouble with mid-high frequencies, flutter echo, sound bouncing on walls or bass, then your foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation, while Timber acoustic panels not only reduce flutter echo and sound bouncing but are equally effective at high-mid-frequencies and bass as well. These panels are constructed using a much denser core material which works with a smooth broadband absorption which means it will absorb all frequencies and make a noticeable difference right away.

This is the reason most professionals prefer acoustic panels for their recording studios, home theatres, music studios over acoustic foams. Additionally, Timber acoustic sound absorbing panels help in controlling standing wave reflections over all frequencies creating a balanced sounding room that is ideal for recording and mixing audio. This concept goes for any space requiring less reverberation or unwanted noise.

Reflected sound infographic

Now let’s take a detailed look into the benefits of  Timber acoustic absorption panels :

1- High thermal efficiency, which means that, once you cover your whole room with Timber acoustic wall panels, it will save you a whole lot of money. Now the question which immediately pops up in your mind probably would be, ‘How is that possible?’ The answer is quite simple, it is because of the thermal efficiency property. Your room will be much warmer and will stay that way for a reasonably long time during the winter. Your energy bills will be lower, and, therefore, you are saving money.

2- Noise insulation.
It has high density that traps sound waves and deadens vibration time. 

3- Breathable material.
Generally, people are worried about installing acoustic panels because they feel it will start growing bacteria but Timber acoustic panels will allow moisture to escape, hence, eliminating the possibility of growing bacteria.

4- Environment-friendly.
Acoustically transparent premium hand stitched jute finish causing minimal environmental impact since it reduces carbon footprint.

5- Long term investment.
 Timber acoustic panels have an unlimited lifetime durability.

6- Quick and easy to install.
 Click here to view the installation guide video.

7- Compression resistant material.
Enables itself to be used as roofing boards and bonded panels. 

8- Customized panels.
An option to consult us and customize your panels according to your needs will allow you to coordinate your acoustic treatment setup with the aesthetic of your interior design.


Reduce Flutter echo and sound bouncing off the walls.

– Controls reverberation WITHOUT making the room sound dead. (Because foam deadens the room)
– Works best on Mid-High frequencies for low frequencies check out Timber acoustics Broadband Absorbers and Bass traps.
– Premium hand stitched Jute finish. (WHICH IS ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT)
– Great look for rooms/studios. (Aesthetic appeal)
– Perfect solution for podcasters and musicians alike. (where it can be applied- halls, studios, home theatres, meeting rooms, living rooms, TV rooms, auditoriums)
– The 3 inch thick with 1 inch air gap, isolates the room as well.
– Durable and portable, will last you years. – Rockwool NRC=1, both water and fire resistant.

Timber Acoustics offers a better and wider range of acoustic solutions with different size and colour options than your basic studio foams. Yes, you may feel they’re on the pricier side, but we believe and guarantee that it is a worthy investment – especially if you consider yourself to be serious about improving the quality of sound in your space. It indeed is a perfect solution for podcasters and musicians alike.

Have a look at our website collection and feel free to chat with us or contact us at any time for acoustic consultation.

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