Acoustic Ceiling Panels – Sound Treatment

Acoustic ceiling panels

We often neglect the ceilings, which are open spaces directly over our heads. When mixing, we often forget that our ceiling has the ability to produce flutter echoes, despite the fact that it is frequently the nearest area and fastest reflection which you will observe when compared to the rest of your walls. Because this is the only exposed surface, it can obscure the stereo field and cause a variety of other difficulties, particularly in higher frequencies.

Our rooms are under a lot of pressure, therefore installing Timber Acoustics Ceiling Panels that comes in thickness of 3 inches as well as 5 inches is a fantastic idea. The smallest of the three dimensions is from floor to ceiling. It generates the most low-frequency problems because it is the shortest of all dimensions. We must keep in mind from our modal definitions that two parallel surfaces are the root of modal problems like axial modes. Our ceiling problems also have floor-related effects. Installing the appropriate middle and high-frequency remedies as well as the appropriate low-frequency management technology is the only way to solve the problem.

For an appropriate acoustic solution, acoustic ceiling panels alone are not enough. You need to have a combination of Timber Acoustics wall treatment as well as acoustic ceiling treatment. Cover at least 40% of the room with absorption material so as to address the acoustic problems.

Acoustic ceiling panels

Smaller rooms, offices, restaurants & bars, hotels, office meeting rooms, all require good acoustics so as to understand the conversations going on. The majority of acoustic panels are made to be mounted on walls, whereas in some circumstances, hanging acoustic panels on a wall is inappropriate. This is primarily true in office settings when equipment, stationary, storage for documents, and other items are placed against walls. In certain circumstances, walls are also frequently employed for decorative purposes. Although Timber Acoustics also makes panels for ceilings. It benefits at such settings as it is up out of the way.

For a perfect acoustic solution make sure that the ceiling has been properly treated with acoustic ceiling panels and that there is no flutter echo in the listening location. When everything is in place, you will instantly notice a change.

Ready to hear the difference? Contact us now to get free acoustic consultation for the sound treatment of any space.

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