Basics of Setting Up a Studio
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Timber Acoustics Panels vs Acoustic Foam
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Why should you choose Roxul Rockwool Panels?
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All About Acoustics

Music production studio

Acoustic solution for Music Production Studio

Acoustic solution for a space is important in a wide variety of settings, as they can significantly impact the sound quality and usability of a space. Good acoustics are essential for activities that rely on clear, intelligible sound, such as music rehearsals, recording studios, and classrooms.

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Corner bass traps

Bass Traps And It’s Placement

If you want to get your home studio to sound great, acoustic treatment is necessary. Creating a secure listening environment is the aim of the treatment; ideally, the space should have constant frequency response so that mixes played on different systems translate! Low frequency build-up is particularly problematic in small to medium-sized spaces. Bass trapping

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Absorption panels , corner traps and acoustic diffusers set up in a home theatre

The Science Behind Acoustics

Acoustic absorbers help in reducing airborne noise in any space by preventing sound waves from bouncing off of hard surfaces. They are able to absorb and retain sound waves, as opposed to reflecting them, due to their open-cell or porous structure, transforming the sound energy into thermal energy.

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Voice over studio

Voice-Over Acoustics

Although, only when there aren’t any external noises to distract from the voiceover, it will sound its finest. In a tiny, untreated room, it is impossible to generate a clear voice that is devoid of background noise and has an audible focus. An efficient, interesting, and emotionally-transmitting performance is what matters most, and these qualities serve as its foundation.

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Home theatre acoustic panels

Home Theatre Acoustic Solution

In an ideal world, everyone would want a full-sized theatre with a sound system like no other. But not everyone has that kind of limitless fund to create a commercial cinema. The good news is that modern audio systems have higher sound quality than ever before, and the newest TVs are bigger and more reasonably

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Absorption panels for podcast room

How To Start Your Podcast Journey

Prior to recording your first podcast, it’s crucial to invest in acoustic sound treatment. This will pay off later on because you’ll concentrate more on content rather than EQ’ing your voice track or messing with different softwares to remove noise and try to remedy problems that are best addressed at the beginning with the space itself.

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Classroom acoustics

Classroom Acoustics

Today, where any educational environment requires an effective learning, good room acoustics is necessary. The right sound absorption materials would ensure appropriate sound treatment in a school.

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