Timber Acoustics Brings you a Premium and Affordable Sound Proofing Solutions for your space.
The purpose of Acoustic treatment is to get you to focus on your sound sources rather than your surroundings. The majority of the energy generated by speakers in a space is reflected by the room boundaries (walls, ceiling, and floor). This generates interference with direct sound. Without controlling the reflected sound, you’ll never be able to hear your system, and upgrading your electronics isn’t going to help but a small investment in room treatment can yield a significant performance boost.
Create Acoustically Sound Spaces
Improved speech intelligibility
Imagine being in a crowded room, trying to have a conversation with someone, but you can barely hear what they’re saying over the noise of the room. Frustrating, right? Now imagine being in that same room, but with acoustic treatment. Suddenly, the room is quieter, the echoes and reverberations are gone, and you can hear everything the person is saying crystal clear. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your ears.
Home theatre acoustic panels
Experience clear & balanced sound
Acoustic treatment can transform any space into a more natural and balanced listening environment. Whether you’re in a music studio, a conference room, or your own home theatre, acoustic panels can help to create a more immersive and enjoyable experience. With acoustic panels, you can focus on what really matters.

Create Acoustically Sound Spaces

Have you ever sat across from someone at a restaurant when the noise level was so high that you could barely hear them? We’ve all done it. Voice clarity and atmosphere are crucial to the environment. It’s no secret that noise can be a real issue in locations like music studios, restaurants, churches, offices, and lecture .

We at Timber acoustics recognize that every space has to be constructed with acoustics in mind, but we can always assist you with reducing unpleasant acoustics quickly, affordably, and elegantly.

A sound proofing solution for every application

Home Theatres

Get an immersive experience at home with our soundproofing and noise reduction solutions.

Residential Spaces

Create a peaceful and quiet space with acoustic panels.

Music Studios

Make your music studio acoustically treated and get optimal sound quality.


Whether it's an office, restaurant, or conference room, speech intelligibility is essential.

Choice of architects, acoustic consultants and interior designers

Timber Acoustics is a well-accepted brand by architects, acoustic consultants and interior designers as well as leading Indian and Multi-National Companies.

  • Made from 100% Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro Roxul Rockwool and Finest New Zealand Pinewoods.
  • No chemical binders.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic, no irritants
  • Safe – certified with Group 1-S fire Rating
  • Resistant to fungus or bacteria
  • Lightweight, Easy-to-install
  • Assured long-term stability
  • High durability
  • Highly versatile
  • NRC = 1.

Why Control Sound?

  • Increased and better audibility which helps converse at a lower tone & drain lesser energy.
  • Reduces stress levels and contributes to better health conditions for all.
  • Reduces noise pollution and thus regulating body pressure, leads to higher output and energy levels.

High Definition Acoustics & Aesthetics

We create a unique variety of Acoustic Sound Treatment solutions that increase acoustics in open areas with an additional shine to the visual definition, in addition to standard Acoustic Panels that are excellent for closed spaces. Our whole collection has been meticulously created and developed not just to give the best acoustic experience possible, but also to improve the aesthetic design appeal.

Timber Acoustics brings you affordable sound proofing solution for your recording studio, home theaters, restaurants, offices and auditoriums.

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