Home Theatre Soundproofing Solutions


Sufficient absorption is the first step towards having a great sounding space. Timber Acoustics Panels are made using Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro Roxul Rockwool with New Zealand Pinewood frame that helps in controlling the high and mid frequencies


Acoustic Diffusers are a great way to get rid of comb filtering and flutter echo , as well as address musical detail distortion and vocal clarity in a home studio setup.

Bass Traps

The bass or low frequency spectrum builds up strongly in the corners of a home music studio, especially at the intersections of walls, ceilings, and floors. A bass trap in the corner eliminates echoes thus eliminating the ninety-degree angle between the two walls.



Foam Panels do not only add a fun and playful energy to your space, but also offer superior soundproofing and noise reduction properties.

We are a manufacturer of high quality acoustic products that are built to last for the home soundproofing and acoustic treatment of a room, home music studio, home theatres acoustics, gaming studios, recording studios and more.


Absorption Panels

₹8,150.00 – ₹9,990.00


Jute Based Acoustic Fabric

Thin Layer of Cloth with Poly Lining
Rockwool® Safe 'n' Silent Pro 330
New Zealand Pinewood Frame
Thin Layer of Cloth with Poly Lining

Roxul rockwool® provides excellent rigidity and excellent acoustical dampening properties with water and moisture resistance, approved in Dolby Atmos & THX certified studios, listening rooms and theatres. Noise Reduction Coefficient : 0.90, perfect for acoustic treatment.

This acoustic fabric is used on all our acoustic panels for its open weave design which ensures the sound waves can penetrate the fabric. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to maximize the sound absorption and also enhance the aesthetics of their music studios, home theatres or podcast rooms.

Known for its excellent strength, durability, and sustainability, pine wood ensures the longevity by maintaining the structure, stability, and acoustic performance of Timber Acoustics sound absorption panels, bass traps and diffusers. Perfect solution for acoustic room treatment.

Knowledge Centre

We understand that choosing the right acoustic panels for all the home theatre soundproofing or acoustic room treatment that you need can be overwhelming.

Here’s a guide that our acoustic experts have compiled to help you through the process of selecting the best sound treatment for your home theatre acoustics, music studio, podcast rooms or home studio setup.

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What they say

Great quality product , shipped to home. Quick delivery.
These panels made a huge difference in my small squarish room, thinking of getting more panels from them in the future for a balanced room. Perfectly blends in with the aesthetics of my room. Simple and subtle.
Thanks for bringing a great product to the market.


Abhinav Sharma

Purchasing and installing Panels from Timber Acoustics has been the best decision/investment I’ve made with regard to my Home Studio! The difference in sounds before and after is very evident. Sushant was also very helpful when it came to Panel placement and answering all my queries. Thank you so much guys!


George Thomas

Practicality and convenience bundled together for the perfect studio acoustic solutions. Had a breeze of an experience ordering from Timber Acoustics and am sure to buy more from them in the future! Highly recommended!


Prayaag Barooah

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